5 Great Fall Pieces for Men, by Bill’s Khakis

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September 25, 2015
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5 Great Fall Pieces for Men, by Bill’s Khakis

For many years, Jack Jerome has been proud to carry pieces from Bill’s Khakis. We appreciate how they have committed to doing all of their production here in the U.S., instead of outsourcing it as so many clothing brands opt to do. What’s more, the brand has some wonderful local cache… their khakis are a favorite of the Seahawks’ head coach, Pete Carroll.

This season, Bill’s Khakis has some great fall pieces for men…

  1. 25th Anniversary Cramerton Khaki: Bill’s Khakis is celebrating 25 years! Their anniversary edition khakis come in relaxed or normal fit, and offer the classic durability, casual style, and modernized comfort they are known for. Plus, the Cramerton Khakis come with a free 25th anniversary T-shirt.
  2. Jersey Knit Fleece: Fall is the season for layering, and the Jersey Knit Fleece that Bill’s Khakis makes is both versatile and comfy. It’s a 12.3-ounce jersey knit fleece of cotton and polyester. It works wonderfully as a warm extra layer with a collared shirt or with a T-shirt for a more casual look. Get it in birch, navy or port colors.
  3. Okemo Sweater: The rolled-shawl collar is a classic look for winter sweaters, and the Okemo Sweater does it well. It’s knitted with chunky 5-gauge cotton yarn, and the ivory base color presents the colorful winter pattern nicely.
  4. Varsity Raglan Jacket: In collaboration with Cockpit USA, Bill’s Khakis is designing some pretty cool pieces. The Varsity Raglan is a great top-layer casual jacket for fall and winter. The warm shearling interior will keep you comfortably warm, with premium leather suede sleeves and a marled body for heat insulation and appealing texture.
  5. Suede Chukka: Similar to the popular men’s casual desert boots, Bill’s chukka shoes are reportedly “as comfortable as a pair of cashmere socks.” These hand-sewn shoes are soft and durable, with calico suede in ‘espresso’ or ‘whiskey’ and a Lactae Hevea gum sole.

Visit Jack Jerome’s University Village store to check out all of the seasonal pieces in stock from Bill’s Khakis and other top brands in men’s and women’s apparel and accessories.

Featured photo via billskhakis.com.

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