Why It’s Okay To Wear White After Labor Day

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July 31, 2015
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Why It’s Okay To Wear White After Labor Day


We’ve all heard the old saying that you can’t wear white after Labor Day. But do we really know why? What about those cute white jeans you got this summer, do they really have to go before fall? Our answer: no way!

Since about the 1950s, the no-white rule has become much less prevalent in the fashion industry, and more of an old-fashioned idea. So when did this traditional American fashion faux pas come about? There are a few theories as to the origins of the rule:

  • The switch of seasons between summer and fall means less sunshine and more rain, making white clothing less practical for muddy streets and damp areas. Fashion magazines and industry professionals are mainly based in big cities, where lighter clothing is naturally worn in the summertime and darker colors in the fall/winter seasons.
  • Lighter colors evoke summertime, hot weather, and leisure/ resort wear. Darker colors provide more warmth in the wintertime. Wearing white after Labor Day could have been a trend followed by New York’s elite, who packed away their light yacht clothing to make room for burly fur coats.

According to Time Magazine (and seemingly agreed by the fashion industry today), “The dated custom of avoiding [white] in September is no longer in fashion.” Besides, trend rules were just made to be broken, right? These days, the only thing more out of fashion than wearing white after Labor Day is that rule itself.

White can actually be a lovely color for fall and winter. This year, we’re looking forward to cozy cream turtlenecks and oversized, off-white sweaters. Check out Jack Jerome’s women’s and men’s brands to see what’s coming this fall—and yes, keep those white jeans handy!

Featured photo via autumncashmere.com.

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